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How to Beat a Speeding Ticket


For most people nowadays, getting a speeding ticket is less of a punishment and more of a nuisance. Chances are there was a good reason you were speeding; an important meeting about to start, a family emergency, and so on. The last thing you want is to get pulled over and waste even more precious time.

The logical thing to do here is to keep well within the speed limit. Unfortunately, life isn't perfect.

There are blue lights flashing in your mirror. There's a cop behind you, gesturing at you to slow down and pull over. The possible outcomes right now are a ticket, a fine, or a really long legal process. Your patience is about to be tested. What do you do next?

No matter how foolproof a process is, there will always be a way around it. The loophole for this situation is human error. Make sure you are not guilty of this. Remember that you're dealing with actual human beings. It doesn't matter how tough they look on the outside, because inside they are just as soft and empathetic as you. The results are guaranteed to amaze.


Don't try to be smart. Even if you're already running late for all your appointments, do not challenge the officer who pulled you over. After all is said and done, you're still the one caught over-speeding and he's still the one with legal authority over you. If you start cursing at him or calling him names, you will end up in more trouble than the whole deal is worth. And remember; he's got a gun. To learn more on how to beat speeding ticket, you can visit


Don't admit you're guilty. You can say whatever you feel you need to say to keep things smooth between you and the officer, but you cannot admit you're guilty. I'm sure you've heard the phrase; 'your words can and will be used against you,' before. There also has to be a dismissal Challenge Radar save hundreds as well. The statement is not an exaggeration. Plead 'not guilty' or just keep your mouth shut altogether.

Don't act like you know better. You do not know better, and acting arrogant won't help you at all. Remember that whoever you're dealing with has way more experience than you do. Even if it's a rookie officer, he still had to pass a few dozen exams to earn his badge. I can't stress this enough; don't act like you know better, because you don't. Answer all questions with a simple 'yes sir,' or 'no sir,' - you'll be surprised how quickly that moves things along.


Be willing to submit. Use your actions and body language to let the cop know you don't want to fight. Dealing with a passive, more cooperative person is sure to lower their defenses. If you're the only person they've met so far who refuses to pick a fight with them or flat-out disrespect them, you can be sure they'll appreciate it. Happy cops are more likely to be understanding and forgiving.

Be polite at all times. You can ask questions about the incident, especially if you're curious. If you'd like to check the radar, inform him and ask politely if you can. If he doesn't let you, don't push it. You can ask when was the last time the radar was calibrated, or where was he when he clocked your speed. Just remember to always ask the questions politely.Whatever answers, or lack thereof, that they give you, stay polite. Remember, the goal here is to get Mr. Cop to like you.

I still firmly believe that the best way to beat a speeding ticket is to not overspeed (or get caught overspeeding). However, life just doesn't function that way. Just remember to keep your wits about, remember all the tips we gave, and you should beat that speeding ticket in no time.

Post by beatspeedingtickets (2016-02-21 21:20)

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